On 25 April, 2018, 19 members of the MRT malaria team successfully participated in the World Malaria Day celebration held at the Miyanda Community hall in Macha. MRT collaborated with the Mission hospital to host the entire Choma district in commemorating the ceremony graced by the district commissioner and officials from the District Medical office.

MRT Team

The team also took the opportunity to disseminate some of the malaria research findings through posters and display of the equipment used in the field. During the tour of the stands the district commissioner spent some time asking questions about the research conducted at MRT and was tested for Malaria by our field team. Dr. Stevenson was also interviewed about the research that is done at MRT.

MRT During The March Past

The event was flagged off with a March past to the meeting venue and speeches from the District medical office and the district commissioner.

In his speech the district medical office representative retaliated the local theme of ready to beat malaria and the need for team work from all sectors in meeting the near zero Malaria deaths target by 2021. He emphasized the need for identification of barriers to achieving malaria elimination goals. He also mentioned the Malaria indicator survey currently going on in Mwapona compound and Siakabole Catchment of Choma district. In addition to the other interventions the district medical office had managed to spray 16,255 structures translating to 103% eligible structures. In Macha Catchment a total of 2,223 structures were sprayed and 3, 983 people reported to have slept under Mosquito nets. In Choma district 54,183 people slept in sprayed houses. The district also reported a 0/1000 malaria deaths in the first quarter.

In her speech the district commissioner, Ms. Sheena Muleya, recounted the gains made globally in the fight against malaria and why it has to be beaten in order to sustain them. She highlighted the need for ongoing research and continued investment in order to attain elimination by 2021. She concluded the speech by promising that the road to Macha Mission Hospital would be worked on for easier access to the mission hospital.

The Choma District Commissioner being tested for Malaria by one of the MRT field staff.

The meeting ended with a meal at the at the mission hospital with the guest of honor.

Dr. Stevenson explaining the use of a rotator to visitors at the stand

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