VZNIGHT – (Vanderbilt-Zambia Network For Innovation in Global Health Technologies)

VZNIGHT is an NIH-supported program working on diagnostic low resource technology development at Vanderbilt University and carrying out its field applications at Macha Research Trust (MRT). The project involves scientists chosen from the US and Zambia working together alternatively in Nashville and at Macha to develop a new way to diagnose malaria that will be more sensitive and feasible for use at the community level.

Researchers from the VZNIGHT program under the Wright lab have developed a device to enhance existing malaria tests in Zambia in collaboration with Macha Research Trust. The Wright research group uses innovative approaches to isolate, purify, and concentrate biological components of bodily fluids using technologies appropriate for low resource settings.

The VZNIGHT research program focuses on the development of technologies and approaches to facilitate diagnosis and evaluation of asymptomatic malaria using high sensitivity  point of care diagnostic technologies.

The purpose of these studies is to evaluate the experimental approaches and device designs in a field setting in order to improve diagnostic performance of the RDT only.