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“A community-based evaluation of interventions for OVCs affected by HIV/AIDS”.

The Study began in November 2015 and is expected to end in 2020.

It is a longitudinal study that will visit children once per year for 3 years. Objectives of the Study:

  1. To assess the cognitive development and educational outcomes of OVC affected by HIV/AIDS and OVC access to services and support, longitudinally.
  2. To document and characterize aid organizations in the Macha area that serve or intend to serve OVC.
  3. Support our Zambia-based collaborator, MRT, in the areas of behavioral, community-oriented and program evaluation research.

The eligible age for enrollment into the Study is 7-17 years. HIV-OVCs below the age of 7 are not included into the Study, nor are those that turn 18 years old by the time of consenting. The following are the details about the eligibility criteria into our study:

  1. Children who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
  2. Children for whom one or both parents have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS
  3.  Children for whom one or both parents died of HIV/AIDS.
  4. Children whom their elderly primary caregiver is diagnosed.

This is a study funded by the US Govt agency, the National Institutes of Health, and is a collaboration between Dr. Elena Grigorenko at the University of Houston and Dr. Philip Thuma at Macha Research Trust.