Our Mission

“To conduct and support quality research, training, and other programs, addressing relevant health issues affecting Macha, Zambia and beyond.”

Our Vision

“Improving the health and well being of the people”

Who We Are

The Malaria Institute at Macha (MIAM) was established through a Memorandum of Understanding between four entities in 2003:

  • Ministry of Health, Zambia
  • Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute (JHMRI)
  • Macha Malaria Research Institute (MMRI), a US-based non-profit organization
  • Macha Mission Hospital as part of the Brethren in Christ Church in Zambia

The original goal of the Memorandum of Understanding was to develop a quality field research and training centre situated in the midst of a malaria-endemic area. The evolution of the research institute over the past years subsequently led to the establishment of well-equipped and functional molecular biology and clinical research laboratories, in addition to multiple field research teams working in the local area around Macha. Thus the initial goal was met and surpassed, ushering in a phase of even more challenges but potentially greater rewards.

  Growth from MIAM to MRT

In accord with the 2003 Memorandum of Understanding, the Malaria Institute at Macha (MIAM) attained the status of an independent research entity in 2008. Now under its own legal registration in Zambia, MIAM officially adopted the name Macha Research Trust (MRT), reflecting it’s newly expanded scope of activities encompassing malaria and other major public health problems.

Acknowledgement is due to the many dedicated MRT staff who work on the various research programmes and projects described here. The progress attained would not have been possible without the inspiring welcome, support, and unwavering cooperation from the communities of Macha, Mapanza, Muchila, and Chikanta chiefdoms. Exemplary support from the nation of Zambia through its various Ministries, particularly Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Technology

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